About WorkPose

Vanessa Friedman

vanessa_aboutVanessa Friedman is the founder of Ergonomic Connection which has been providing specialty ergonomic furniture and computer accessories to businesses and individuals since 2003. She is a Kinesiologist with a specialty in Exercise Science. Her career started in the orthopedic arena by helping clients rehabilitate from a workers’ compensation injury. Through this work, she saw the need for injury prevention in the work place and the solution was, to prevent the injury by correcting the workspace and educating clients on easy to use tools, equipment and excercises. Vanessa has partnered with Charissa Sims to bring comfort in the workplace, mainstream. She hopes to get all WorkPose users pain free.

Charissa Sims

charissa_aboutAs an Ergonomist and Occupational Therapist working in the field of injury prevention, I have been running ergonomic programs and performing evaluations for the past fifteen years. I truly love helping people be more comfortable and productive at work and have seen amazing results over the past decade! While lecturing on Ergonomics at the University of Southern California, I managed the ergonomics program at Raytheon Space and Airborne systems. As a consultant, I’ve worked with some of the biggest technology, insurance and healthcare companies in the world from Google to Electronic Arts, Symantec to UCLA, as well as City of Hope, FOX, CBS, Union Bank, AIG and The Hartford. I receive many requests from people that work from home and cannot afford my fees. I wanted to create something that was affordable, easy to use and accessible. Hopefully, everyone will have fun using Workpose while getting healthy at work! I’m also a mom of two wonderful children and a children’s book author. Check out my other ergonomic website: www.ergonomicconnection.com