WorkPose App on NBC Chicago 5

Karen Firsel presents our WorkPose App on NBC 5’s Fall Trends.


WorkPose on Chicago Woman


Five Apps You Need If You Have a Desk Job.



The History of the Ergonomic Chair on HowStuffWorks


Did you know that the Uber-Popular Aeron Chair Was First Made for Grandma?



Interview with Charissa on eHealth Radio Network

Charissa Sims, Occupational Therapist, CEO of Ergolution and Co-Founder of the Free Workpose Phone App joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Pain Management Channels.


WorkPose in Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) Magazine

‘Tools of the Trade’ reviews our WorkPose app.



Ergonomic App Launches on App Store and Google Play


Users will receive custom recommendations and product suggestions that will minimize any discomfort.



Ergonomic App Launches on App Store and Google Play

This personalized, self-guided program promotes fitness, health, posture, work breaks and movement at one’s desk.  The app was created by an expert Kinesiologist and an Ergonomist/Occupational Therapist.



WorkPose on Rehab Management


New WorkPose Ergonomics App Aims to Help Alleviate Pain at the Workplace.



WorkPose App on AndroidGuys


App News: Assess and improve your daily sitting positions with “WorkPose”.



WorkPose on Appszoom


Increase your energy and productivity at work, decrease your pain and discomfort.



WorkPose on Computer Era Magazine


Ergonomics is the least worried topic people consider while spending a lot of time in front of the computer, laptop or mobile phone (video in Telugu).



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