Are Amazon Interview Tough?

Amazon interviews are considered to be amongst the toughest out there. The company is known for its rigorous hiring process, focusing on technical and behavioral competencies to assess a candidate’s fit for the organization.

The Amazon interview process starts with a phone screen, followed by an onsite process where the candidates are evaluated on multiple parameters. The process includes technical interviews, behavioral interviews, case studies, and writing tests.

Technical Interviews: During a technical interview at Amazon, candidates are tested on their knowledge of industry-specific skills, algorithms, data structures and coding skills. Questions can range from basic concepts to complex scenarios related to product development. Candidates may also be asked to write code or solve coding problems on a whiteboard in front of the interviewer.

Behavioral Interviews: Behavioral interviews assess how well candidates think on their feet and how they would handle various situations in the workplace. Amazon recruiters ask questions about past experiences that demonstrate a candidate’s ability to think creatively and problem-solve under pressure.

Case Studies: Case studies are used to evaluate how well candidates can analyze data and come up with solutions for a given problem. Candidates must be able to demonstrate analytical skills and explain their thought process when solving the case study questions.

Writing Test: Writing tests are used to evaluate a candidate’s written communication skills as well as their ability to present information in an organized manner. Candidates may be asked to write an essay or article about a given topic or answer questions related to customer service scenarios.


Yes, Amazon Interviews can indeed be tough but with enough preparation and practice, it is possible to ace them! With its emphasis on technical knowledge as well as behavioral competencies, Amazon recruitment evaluates a candidate’s fit for the job role thoroughly before making any hiring decisions.