Are There Any French Series on Netflix?

Are There Any French Series on Netflix?

Netflix is no stranger to international content. The streaming platform has become a hub for European films and series alike, with many of them being available in the French language. Whether you’re a Francophone, or just looking to brush up on your French skills, there are plenty of French series to watch on Netflix.

One of the more popular French series on Netflix is “Call My Agent!” The show follows four talent agents as they navigate the Parisian entertainment industry and all its high-stakes drama. It features an all-star cast, with performances from some of France’s most beloved actors and actresses.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, the show “Family Business” might be just what you need. The comedy follows a family who decides to convert their butcher shop into the first marijuana café in Paris.

It stars Gérard Darmon as Joseph, the patriarch of the family, who must deal with all the chaos that comes with running such an unconventional business.

For something more serious, there’s “Engrenages” (known as “Spiral” in English). This crime drama follows a group of police officers and lawyers as they try to solve some of Paris’ most difficult cases.

It stars Caroline Proust as Laure Berthaud, a police captain who leads her team through dangerous investigations into organized crime rings.

If you’re looking for something family-friendly, there’s “The Borrowers”. This live-action adaptation tells the story of two kids who discover a hidden world of tiny people living inside their home. It stars Théo Fernandez and Victoire Du Bois as Tom and Elina, two siblings who must protect their new tiny friends from real-life dangers like exterminators and greedy landlords.

These are just some examples of great French series currently streaming on Netflix. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something that appeals to your personal tastes. Whether you’re looking for comedy or drama, there’s sure to be something perfect for you.

In conclusion, yes there are many French series available on Netflix streaming platform ranging from comedy to drama genres that make it easy for viewers to find something suitable for their personal tastes.