Are There Any Gay Shows on Netflix?

Netflix has made a name for itself as a platform for creating shows and movies that are both engaging and inclusive. The streaming service has been praised for its content that tackles issues of LGBTQ+ representation in the media, but are there any gay shows on Netflix?

The answer is yes – Netflix does have some shows which feature gay characters and storylines, as well as a few LGBTQ+ focused shows. Some of the most popular examples include ‘Orange Is the New Black’, ‘One Day at a Time’, ‘Queer Eye’, ‘Sense8’ and ‘Special’. These shows feature various characters who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

Many of these shows have been critically acclaimed for their positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters. Orange Is The New Black has won numerous awards over the years and its depictions of queer relationships have been praised by critics. Queer Eye also received universal acclaim when it debuted in 2018, while One Day at a Time was lauded for its portrayal of a Cuban-American family with an openly gay daughter.

In addition to these scripted series, Netflix also offers several documentaries that explore the lives of members of the LGBT community. Titles such as Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen and Stateless: The Story of Chelsea Manning provide an intimate look at their stories.


Netflix offers a wide variety of content that celebrates diversity and inclusion. There are several shows on the streaming service which feature gay characters and storylines, as well as documentaries focusing on LGBT issues. Whether you’re looking for drama or comedy, Netflix has something to offer everyone.