Are There Any Hunting Shows on Netflix?

The popular streaming service is home to a wide range of content, and that includes some shows about hunting. From reality TV to documentaries and even scripted series, Netflix has something for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Reality TV
Netflix offers several reality TV series about hunting. These shows follow hunters as they take on different challenges and hunt for various animals in different settings.

For example, ‘Mountain Men’ follows the lives of mountain men in rural Montana as they hunt for food and survive off the land. ‘The Wild Within’ follows two hunters as they traverse across North America in search of adventure and big game. And ‘Endless Hunt’ follows two families as they hunt in the wilds of Alaska.

Netflix also has a selection of documentaries about hunting. These films take an in-depth look at various aspects of the sport, including its history, culture, and conservation efforts.

‘Killing for Conservation’ examines how trophy hunting can help preserve endangered species. ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ looks at trophy hunting from a Maori perspective. And ‘The Last Lynx’ follows a hunter as he tries to save a species from extinction.

Scripted Series
Finally, Netflix offers several scripted series that feature hunting themes or characters who are hunters. For instance, ‘Longmire’ is an American drama series set in Wyoming that centers around a sheriff who is an avid hunter.

There is also ‘Frontier’ which takes place during the fur trade era and features characters who rely on hunting for survival. And finally, there is ‘Outlaw King’ which tells the story of Robert the Bruce, a Scottish lord renowned for his skill with a bow and arrow.

Overall, Netflix has something for everyone who loves hunting or wants to learn more about it. Whether you’re looking for reality TV shows or scripted series featuring hunters as main characters, there’s something here that will appeal to you!

Conclusion: Netflix offers a variety of content related to hunting, including reality TV shows, documentaries, and scripted series featuring characters who are avid hunters. Whether you’re looking for educational content or entertainment featuring outdoor adventures, there’s something here that will appeal to you!