Are There Any Tattoo Shows on Netflix?

Tattoos are no longer a taboo subject, with many people proudly displaying the art on their skin. As tattoo culture has become increasingly popular, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen an influx of tattoo related shows on television.

Netflix is no exception, having several great shows available for streaming that focus on the art of body modification.

LA Ink

This show follows the story of Kat Von D and her shop High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood. Each episode features a variety of clients who come in to get some unique and impressive ink.

It showcases the work of some of the most talented artists in the world as well as giving viewers an inside look into the lives of those who work in a tattoo shop.

Tattoo Age

This series takes viewers around the world to different tattoo shops and introduces them to various artists from all walks of life. It gives a deeper look into their personal stories and philosophies on life, as well as showing off their incredible artwork. The episodes feature various styles and techniques, giving viewers a glimpse into different cultures through tattoos.

Best Ink

This reality competition show pits 12 professional tattoo artists against each other in challenges that test their skill and creativity. Each week one contestant is eliminated until only one remains and is crowned “Best Ink” at the end of the season.


Yes, there are several great shows about tattoos available to watch on Netflix! From LA Ink to Best Ink, there’s something for everyone interested in learning more about this fascinating art form. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to learn more about this unique culture, these shows will have something for you!