Can I Get Back Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve accidentally deleted a WhatsApp message? If yes, then you know how frustrating this can be.

But don’t worry, there are ways to retrieve the deleted messages. While WhatsApp does not offer a direct way to recover deleted messages, there are other methods that can help you get back the deleted messages.

Using Third-Party Apps

The easiest and most reliable way to get back deleted messages on WhatsApp is to use third-party apps. There are many apps available on the market that offer this service.

These apps can help you recover your conversations and other data from your device, including the messages you have deleted. Most of these apps will allow you to preview the deleted messages before recovering them so that you can choose which ones to restore.

Recover from Your Phone’s Backup

If your phone has a backup feature enabled, then it is possible to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages from the backup. You can simply restore the backup and all of your data will be restored, including any previously deleted conversations. However, it is important to note that if you have made any changes since creating the backup, those changes will not be restored.

Using Google Drive Backup

If you have Google Drive enabled on your phone, then it may be possible to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages from there. All of your WhatsApp data is stored in Google Drive and can be restored if needed. To do this, simply go into the Google Drive settings and look for the option for restoring a backed up version of your data.


In conclusion, Yes, it is possible to get back deleted messages on WhatsApp.. While WhatsApp does not offer a direct way of doing this, there are other methods such as using third-party apps or restoring backups that can help you retrieve these conversations.