Can I Watch FOX on Amazon Prime?

Can I Watch FOX on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can now watch FOX on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is an internet streaming service that allows viewers to watch movies, TV shows, and other popular programming. In addition to the content available through the app, viewers can also access networks like FOX and other premium channels.

The FOX channel is available as a part of Amazon Prime’s subscription package. This subscription gives viewers access to a wide variety of content from different networks.

With this subscription, viewers can watch live sports events such as NFL games, college basketball games, Major League Baseball games and more. They can also enjoy popular television shows like Empire, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

In addition to these shows and events, subscribers can also take advantage of exclusive content like documentaries and movies from FOX’s library. The movies are available for rent or purchase individually or as part of their subscription package.

When signing up for an Amazon Prime subscription, viewers will be able to choose between two plans: the basic plan which includes access to all of the available networks with limited commercials; or the premium plan which includes unlimited access to all networks without ads plus exclusive content from Fox and other premium channels.

Amazon Prime video also offers a variety of additional features such as the ability to pause live viewing and rewind up to 30 minutes after a show has already aired on its network. Additionally, subscribers can download select titles for offline viewing so they can watch their favorite shows even when they don’t have an internet connection.

Overall, Amazon Prime is an excellent choice for those who want access to FOX programming without having to pay for cable or satellite TV services. With its wide range of programming options and additional features such as offline viewing, it provides customers with an easy way to stay up-to-date with their favorite shows from FOX without breaking the bank.


Yes you can watch Fox on Amazon Prime! It is included in the subscription package along with other premium channels and it offers exclusive content including movies from Fox’s library that you can rent or purchase individually or as part of their subscription package. Plus it offers additional features like pausing live viewing and downloading select titles for offline viewing.