Can I Watch NFL on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime video is becoming more and more popular for streaming TV shows, movies, and other content. This has led to many people wondering if they can watch NFL games on the platform.

The answer is yes! Amazon Prime subscribers can watch NFL games on the service with a few different options.

The most straightforward way to watch an NFL game on Amazon Prime is through the official NFL channel. This channel offers live broadcasts of select games from the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl. It also includes on-demand archives of previous games and highlights from the season.

Aside from the official NFL channel, Amazon Prime also offers subscriptions to several other channels that show NFL games. These include ESPN+, CBS All Access, NBC Sports Gold, and FOX Sports GO. With these channels, you can watch even more live NFL games as well as highlights and exclusive content.

If you don’t want to pay for any additional subscriptions, there are still ways to watch some NFL action on Amazon Prime. The service offers free access to a variety of sports programming through its “Sports & Fitness” category.

This includes highlight shows like “NFL RedZone” as well as live streams of some college football games.

Yes! You can watch NFL games on Amazon Prime with several different options available. You can access the official NFL channel or subscribe to additional channels like ESPN+, CBS All Access, NBC Sports Gold, or FOX Sports GO for even more content. You can also find some free sports programming under the “Sports & Fitness” category including highlight shows like “NFL RedZone” and college football streams.