Can My Family See My Music on Spotify Family?

Spotify Family is a great way for families to share and listen to music together. With Spotify Family, up to five family members can have their own individual accounts and access the same library of music.

All family members will be able to see the music that each other family member has added to their library, but not everyone in the family will be able to play it.

When it comes to seeing each other’s music on Spotify Family, it depends on how you set up your account. If you allow your family members access to your account, then they will be able to see all of your music as well as add their own songs and albums.

If you don’t want your family members to be able to see everything in your library, then you’ll need to set up a private profile that only you can access.

If you’re using a shared device with multiple users, such as a computer or tablet, then each user will need their own individual account in order for them to see their own music in the Spotify Family app. This means that if one person adds a song or album, it won’t show up in the other person’s account until they log into their own account and add it themselves.

The bottom line is that if you choose to share your Spotify Family account with other members of your family, they’ll be able to see all of the music that you’ve added. If privacy is more important than sharing music with other members of your household, then setting up a private profile may be the best option.


In conclusion, whether or not your family can see your music on Spotify Family depends on how you’ve set up your account and whether or not you choose to share it with them. If privacy is important for you, then setting up a private profile may be the best option. However, if sharing is more important than privacy, then allowing access for all of the family members may be beneficial.