Can Spotify Be Used Like Shazam?

Spotify and Shazam are two of the leading music streaming platforms available to users. While both provide music streaming services, they have very different purposes.

Shazam is primarily a music discovery platform, allowing users to find and identify songs they hear in the world around them. It’s an app that uses audio recognition technology to identify songs that are playing, giving users the ability to quickly find out what they’re listening to and where they can access it.

Spotify on the other hand is more of a music streaming platform, allowing users to access millions of songs from their mobile devices or computers. It also has powerful features like personalized playlists and radio stations, as well as artist-based content like podcasts, videos, and exclusive tracks.

So can Spotify be used like Shazam? The short answer is yes – Spotify does offer some audio recognition capabilities through its Song ID feature. The feature allows you to tap into Spotify’s massive library of songs to identify music that may not be available on other platforms like Shazam. While this feature isn’t as powerful or accurate as Shazam’s technology, it does give users a way to quickly identify songs within Spotify’s library.

Overall, while both platforms offer different features and capabilities when it comes to music streaming and discovery, Spotify can be used in some capacity like Shazam if you want to identify songs within its library. However, if you want the most accurate results when identifying music from the world around you then Shazam remains your best bet.

Conclusion: In conclusion, while Spotify can be used like Shazam for identifying songs within its own library, it doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy for discovering music from the world around you that Shazam does – making it a secondary choice for those looking for quick identification of popular songs.