Can You Fake Streams on Spotify?

In short, yes.

It is possible to fake streams and manipulate the numbers on streaming platforms like Spotify. This is done by artificially inflating the number of streams an artist’s song has received.

How Streams are Faked

Streaming manipulation generally involves using bots or click farms to generate large amounts of plays on particular songs. Bot services are available online and will inflate stream counts for a fee. Click farms are physical locations, usually in countries with cheaper labor, which employ people to manually play songs hundreds of times in order to boost their numbers.

Why People Fake Streams

There are a few reasons why an artist might be tempted to use streaming manipulation services. The primary motivation is getting more attention from fans and labels, as streaming platforms like Spotify rank tracks according to their popularity. Another reason could be financial gain; some streaming platforms pay royalties per stream, meaning that the more streams an artist’s song has, the more money they could make from it.

The Risks Involved

Streaming manipulation can have serious consequences for artists who get caught doing it. Spotify and other streaming platforms have sophisticated algorithms that detect abnormal streaming activity, so chances are high that those trying to manipulate their streams will eventually get caught and punished accordingly. Other than being suspended from the platform or having their accounts closed altogether, artists could also face legal repercussions depending on the severity of the case.


In conclusion, it is indeed possible to fake streams on Spotify but this practice comes with serious risks attached. Artists should avoid engaging in such activities as they could potentially lose their accounts or even face legal repercussions if they get caught doing so.