Can You Pre-Save on Spotify?

Spotify, the world’s premier streaming service is known for its innovative features and wide range of music and podcasts. One of Spotify’s most popular features is the ability to pre-save tracks.

Pre-saving allows you to save a track ahead of its release date, meaning that when it goes live on Spotify, you have it ready to listen to in your library.

Pre-saving a track on Spotify is relatively simple. All you need to do is find the track you want to pre-save in the ‘Upcoming Releases’ section of the app.

Once you have located the track, click on it and select ‘Pre-Save’ from the options available. This will add it to your library as soon as it goes live.

This feature has revolutionized how people discover new music on Spotify. It allows listeners to be one of the first people to hear a new song by their favourite artist or even discover new artists they have never heard of before. It also allows them to curate their own personal playlists with tracks they are excited about before anyone else has access to them.

In addition, pre-saving gives artists an opportunity to build anticipation for their upcoming releases. They can use their social media platforms and fan networks to spread word about their upcoming release and encourage fans to pre-save it so that when it goes live, they already have an audience ready and waiting for it.


It is clear that pre-saving tracks on Spotify can be incredibly beneficial both for listeners and artists alike. It gives listeners access to new music before anyone else, while also giving artists a platform upon which they can build anticipation for their upcoming releases.