Can You Record a WhatsApp Video Call?

As technology improves, more and more of our conversations are taking place over the internet. One of the most popular ways to do this is with WhatsApp, an app that lets users communicate via text, voice and video calls. But if you’re in a video call on WhatsApp, can you record it?

The short answer is no — recording a video call on WhatsApp is not a feature that is available to users. This is due to legal considerations; recording conversations without the other person’s knowledge or consent could be seen as an invasion of privacy. Additionally, WhatsApp does not have any third-party apps or plugins that allow for recording of video calls.

However, there are other ways to capture what’s happening during a video call on WhatsApp. One option is to take screenshots during the video call.

This allows you to capture moments from the conversation as images which you can save for later reference. You can also use a separate camera or device to record what’s happening on your screen during the call.


In conclusion, recording a WhatsApp video call is not possible due to legal considerations and lack of available third-party plugins or apps. However, users can still capture moments from their conversation through screenshots and external cameras or devices.