Can You Watch Dance Moms on Netflix?

Dance Moms is a reality television show that follows the lives of young dancers and their mothers who have dedicated their lives to the art of dance. The show is produced by the Lifetime network, and has been airing since July 2011. It has become hugely popular among viewers due to its unique blend of drama, competition, and emotion.

The show follows Abby Lee Miller, an infamous dance coach who pushes her students to be the best they can be. She is often seen pushing them to their limits in order to prepare them for competitions. The show also focuses on the mothers of the dancers, as they try and keep up with Abby’s demands while also trying to maintain a healthy home and family life.

Since its debut in 2011, Dance Moms has become one of Lifetime’s most successful shows. It has been nominated for multiple awards from both critics and viewers alike. With its intense drama and emotional scenes, it is no wonder why this show continues to captivate audiences.

Can You Watch Dance Moms on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Dance Moms is not currently available on Netflix. However, fans can still watch full episodes of Dance Moms online through Lifetime’s official website. Additionally, some cable providers may offer access to past seasons of Dance Moms for streaming or downloading through their On Demand services.

For those looking for a way to watch Dance Moms without cable or satellite service can always find episodes on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes if they are willing to pay a fee. No matter which platform you choose to watch Dance Moms on, you are sure to enjoy every minute of this hit show.


At this time, you cannot watch Dance Moms on Netflix. However, there are several other ways that fans can still keep up with all their favorite dancers and mothers through streaming services or through cable providers if they have access On Demand services. No matter which platform you choose to watch on you are sure not be disappointed!