Did Ocean Spray Sales Go Up After TikTok?

Ocean Spray, the cranberry beverage brand, had been around for decades before it suddenly struck internet fame in 2020. Through its clever use of social media, the company was able to gain a whole new wave of customers and skyrocket its sales. One of the most popular platforms that Ocean Spray used to reach its fanbase was TikTok. By creating fun and engaging content, the company was able to reach millions of potential customers and increase their sales significantly.

Ocean Spray’s TikTok videos were often humorous and lighthearted, featuring popular influencers and celebrities while they enjoyed their favorite Ocean Spray drinks. The videos helped to spread awareness about the brand and create an organic connection with their Target audience. The company also used various hashtag challenges to further engage their fans, such as encouraging users to share how they like to enjoy their Ocean Spray drinks or create funny parodies of existing songs while enjoying a glass of cranberry juice.

These tactics proved wildly successful for Ocean Spray.

In fact, since launching its TikTok account in 2019, the company has seen an impressive surge in sales over the past year. This can be attributed to its ability to capture a larger demographic by Targeting young people on social media platforms like TikTok, who were more likely to be aware of the brand and purchase its products than ever before.

In addition to increasing sales figures, Ocean Spray was also able to use TikTok as a platform for marketing campaigns that could help build customer loyalty and engagement with the brand over time. The videos not only highlighted the benefits of drinking Ocean Spray beverages but also provided fans with a unique way to interact with each other through comments and likes on posts. This gave them a sense of belonging within an online community that was centered around something they all enjoyed – drinking cranberry juice!


Overall, it is clear that Ocean Spray’s decision to leverage TikTok as a marketing tool paid off immensely. Not only did it increase their sales figures significantly but it also helped build customer loyalty by providing an online community where fans could interact with each other while enjoying their favorite beverage.

Answer: Did Ocean Spray Sales Go Up After TikTok?

Yes, Ocean Spray’s sales went up after they leveraged TikTok as a marketing tool.