Does Amazon Do Flower Delivery?

Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform that offers a variety of products including books, electronics, apparel, and even groceries. But one product that Amazon doesn’t offer is flower delivery.

With their massive reach and resources, many people wonder why Amazon doesn’t offer flower delivery services.

The biggest reason why Amazon does not offer flower delivery services is because of the nature of the business itself. Flowers are a highly perishable product which means they need to be delivered quickly and efficiently in order to remain fresh and beautiful for the recipient. This requires specialized knowledge and logistics that Amazon does not have.

In addition, flower delivery services require a different supply chain than what Amazon currently has in place for other products. For example, flowers must be kept in climate-controlled environments with proper hydration and light in order to reach their destination looking as fresh as possible. This would require an entirely different infrastructure than the one that Amazon currently uses for its other products.

Finally, flower delivery services also require a lot of customer service and personalization. Since flowers are often sent as gifts or tokens of appreciation, customers expect their orders to be accurate, timely, and personalized for the recipient. This level of customer service is something that Amazon does not specialize in.


So while it may seem like an obvious choice for Amazon to offer flower delivery services given their size and resources, the reality is that it’s simply not feasible due to the unique demands of this type of business. Therefore, if you’re looking for flower delivery services you’ll have to look elsewhere.