Does Amazon Give Free Products for Reviews?

Amazon has become one of the largest online shopping retailers in the world, with customers from all over the globe. With its vast array of products and services, it has become a go-to source for many people. One question that often arises is whether or not Amazon gives out free products for reviews.

The answer is no; Amazon does not give out free products for reviews. This policy is in place to ensure that reviews on their products remain unbiased and honest.

Reviews are an important part of Amazon’s business, as they provide customers with information about a product before they make a purchase. If customers received free items in exchange for reviews, it could lead to biased or exaggerated reviews that would be unhelpful to other customers.

Amazon does, however, have a variety of programs that allow customers to receive discounts or free items in exchange for their opinions or feedback on products. The Amazon Vine program gives out select items to trusted reviewers who provide honest opinions on their experience with the product and how it performs in comparison to others on the market.

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program allows sellers to offer discounts on their products in exchange for customer reviews. These programs help keep reviews honest while also providing valuable feedback to sellers about their products and services.

Amazon also offers other ways for customers to get discounts on items without providing a review. Customers can join Amazon Prime and get exclusive access to discounted prices on select items as well as free two-day shipping on many orders. They can also sign up for emails from Amazon and receive coupons and special offers directly into their inboxes.

In conclusion, while Amazon does not offer free items in exchange for reviews, it does have several programs designed to help customers get discounts while still providing valuable feedback about its products and services. Customers can also take advantage of other offers such as joining Prime or signing up for emails from the retailer if they want further savings without having to provide a review.


Does Amazon give out free products for reviews? The answer is no – however there are several different programs and offers that allow customers to receive discounts or special offers without providing a review.