Does Amazon Pay for CDL Training?

The arrival of Amazon in the trucking industry has had a huge impact on businesses and drivers alike. With their promise of faster delivery times and more efficient operations, many people are wondering if Amazon pays for CDL training. The answer is yes, Amazon does pay for CDL training for its employees.

Amazon’s commitment to its employees is evident in their commitment to providing CDL training. The company has invested heavily in its own training program, which provides comprehensive instruction on the ins and outs of driving a commercial vehicle.

This includes topics such as basic driving techniques, maneuvering large vehicles, operating safely in different traffic conditions, and more. The company also covers all costs associated with obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), including the test fees.

In addition to the comprehensive instruction provided by the company’s own program, Amazon also works with outside organizations to further develop its drivers’ skills. This includes programs such as Schneider National’s Driver Academy and Werner Enterprises’ Professional Driver Academy – both of which are offered at no cost to Amazon drivers.

At Amazon, safety is paramount. As part of their commitment to safety, they have developed a number of policies and procedures to ensure that all drivers are properly trained and certified before they can begin working for the company. Before being hired by Amazon, an applicant must pass both written and practical tests demonstrating their knowledge and skill in operating a commercial vehicle safely.


In conclusion, Amazon does pay for CDL training for its employees in order to ensure that all drivers are properly trained before hitting the road. Through investing heavily in their own training program as well as partnering with outside organizations such as Schneider National and Werner Enterprises, they make sure that their drivers receive a comprehensive education so they can operate safely while delivering goods on time.