Does Amazon Sell Medical Supplies?

In recent years, Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping. This e-commerce giant offers a wide range of products and services, from books and electronics to apparel and home goods. But does Amazon sell medical supplies?

The answer is yes. In addition to selling various health-related items such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications, Amazon also offers a wide selection of medical supplies. This includes items like thermometers, masks, protective gowns, gloves, syringes, and stethoscopes.

These items can be found in the “Health & Household” section of the website. Customers can also narrow down their search by typing in specific keywords or using the dropdown menu to select a category of supplies. All products come with detailed descriptions and customer reviews to ensure buyers make an informed decision.

Amazon also offers discounts on medical supplies for those who are enrolled in its Amazon Business program. This program helps businesses save money when buying bulk orders of medical supplies. The savings can be up to 15% off list prices.


Yes, Amazon does sell medical supplies to both individuals and businesses. Customers can find a wide selection of items ranging from thermometers and protective gowns to syringes and stethoscopes. Those enrolled in the Amazon Business program can take advantage of discounts on bulk orders of these items.