Does Djay 2 Work With Spotify?

Djay 2, the full-featured DJ app from Algoriddim, has been a popular choice among mobile DJs since its release in 2014. The app gives users the ability to mix and scratch tracks from Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. Thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful features, djay 2 has become one of the go-to apps for professional and hobbyist DJs alike.

The main question for many users is: Does djay 2 work with Spotify? The answer is yes!

Spotify integration is one of the most popular features of djay 2. With it, you can access your entire Spotify library – including your playlists, favorite albums, and more – within the djay 2 interface. You can also use the advanced search feature to quickly find songs that you want to use in your mixes.

In addition to Spotify integration, djay 2 offers a variety of other features that make it an ideal choice for DJs. It has a built-in four-channel mixer with EQs and filters that allow you to tweak your sound exactly how you want it. You can also take advantage of the “looping” feature to repeat sections of songs or combine multiple tracks together into one seamless mix.

The app also offers several innovative ways to control your music. In addition to traditional turntable controls like crossfading and scratching, you can use gesture controls – such as swiping or tapping – to manipulate playback speed or volume levels. Plus, you can connect physical controllers like MIDI keyboards or mixers for even more control over your sound.


Yes! Djay 2 does work with Spotify. It offers users access to their entire Spotify library within the djay 2 interface as well as powerful features like EQs and filters for tweaking their sound, looping capabilities for combining multiple tracks together into one seamless mix, gesture controls for manipulating playback speed or volume levels and support for physical controllers like MIDI keyboards or mixers.