Does Netflix Have All Eyez on Me?

Netflix recently released the highly anticipated movie ‘All Eyez on Me’ which chronicles the life of rap icon Tupac Shakur. The film stars Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac and follows his rise to fame, the struggles he faced, and ultimately his untimely death in 1996.

The film has received mixed reviews, with some praising it for its accurate portrayal of Tupac’s life and others criticizing it for its length or lack of depth. But whatever your opinion on the movie itself is, there’s no denying that it has captured a great deal of attention from both casual viewers as well as fans of Tupac’s music.

Netflix is one of the major streaming services that carries ‘All Eyez on Me’, making it accessible to a wider audience. The film was also available to rent on other streaming services such as iTunes and Google Play, but Netflix makes it easier for people to watch without having to purchase it outright.

The streaming service has also taken extra steps to promote the movie by featuring it prominently in their homepage carousel and creating a special collection dedicated solely to Tupac’s films and documentaries. They have also released exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the making of ‘All Eyez on Me’ which is only available through their streaming service.

Does Netflix Have All Eyez on Me?

Yes, Netflix does have ‘All Eyez on Me’ available for users to stream. It is one of several streaming services that carries the movie, but Netflix has taken extra steps to promote and make it more accessible by featuring it prominently in their homepage carousel and creating exclusive behind-the-scenes footage only available through their service.


Netflix has definitely put all eyes on ‘All Eyez on Me’ with their efforts to make the movie more accessible through their streaming service. Whether you’re a fan of Tupac or just curious about his story, Netflix makes it easy for you to watch this powerful biopic.