Does Netflix Have Modern Family Season 1?

Netflix is a popular streaming service that is available throughout the world. It offers a wide variety of television shows, movies, and other content.

One of the most popular shows on Netflix is Modern Family, a mockumentary-style sitcom that follows the lives of three interconnected families. The show has won numerous awards, including five Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Modern Family first aired in 2009 and ran for 11 seasons before concluding in 2020. Netflix currently has seasons 1-9 of Modern Family available to stream. It doesn’t have season 10 or 11, but those can be found on other streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

What about Season 1?

Yes! Netflix does have Modern Family Season 1 available to stream.

The show kicked off its run with a two-part premiere episode on September 23, 2009. This season introduces viewers to the Pritchett/Dunphy family, which includes Jay (Ed O’Neill), Gloria (Sofia Vergara), Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet).


Yes, Netflix does have Modern Family Season 1 available to stream. Fans of the show can enjoy watching the first season on Netflix and catch up with the Pritchett/Dunphy family as they navigate their lives with humor and heartwarming moments.