Does Nokia 8810 Have WhatsApp?

The Nokia 8810 is a classic mobile phone that some people may remember from the late 90s. It was one of the first phones to feature a colour screen and an internal antenna. The Nokia 8810 was also popular because it was very slim and compact, making it easy to carry around in your pocket.

With the advancements in technology since then, it’s understandable that people may be wondering if the Nokia 8810 can run WhatsApp. Unfortunately, due to its age and limited processing power, the answer is no.

WhatsApp requires a modern smartphone with powerful hardware and software capabilities. The Nokia 8810 simply doesn’t have the necessary hardware or software specifications to run WhatsApp.

The fact that the Nokia 8810 can’t run WhatsApp isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it was designed for basic phone functions like calling and text messaging. If you’re looking for a reliable device for these tasks, then the Nokia 8810 is still a great choice.

Although it won’t run WhatsApp, there are still ways to stay connected with friends and family on this device. You can still send text messages using SMS or MMS messages, as well as make calls using GSM networks.


In conclusion, even though the Nokia 8810 has been discontinued for many years now, it’s still considered a reliable phone for basic functions such as calling and texting. Unfortunately due to its age and limited hardware capabilities, it cannot run WhatsApp or other modern apps.