Does Spotify Have Plaques?

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there, and with that comes a lot of data tracking. It’s no secret that the platform keeps track of all kinds of information, including who is listening to what, when and where.

But one thing that Spotify doesn’t do is give out plaques for certain milestones in an artist’s career.

Plaques are physical awards given out to artists who have achieved certain milestones in their career. They are typically made of wood or metal and feature an engraving with the artist’s name and the milestone they have achieved, such as ‘Gold Record’ or ‘Platinum Album’.

Spotify does have a feature called ‘Spotify Awards’, but this isn’t quite the same as a plaque. The awards are given out to artists and albums who have reached certain levels on the platform, such as ‘Most Streamed Artist’ or ‘Most Streamed Album’. While these awards are prestigious, they aren’t physical items like plaques.

The closest thing Spotify has to plaques is its verified badge system. This system rewards artists for having a verified profile on the platform and for reaching specific milestones such as reaching 5 million followers or having their music streamed 100 million times. While this isn’t quite the same as a plaque, it does provide some recognition for artists who have achieved success on Spotify.


So in conclusion, while Spotify doesn’t give out physical plaques to mark certain milestones in an artist’s career, they do have a verified badge system which provides some recognition for those who achieve success on their platform.