Does WhatsApp Have a Candle Emoji?

In the world of social media, emojis have quickly become an important part of communication. From the smiling face to the crying face, emojis are used to help express emotions and feelings in a more creative way.

One popular emoji that has been gaining traction is the candle emoji. This is often used to show solidarity for a cause or to send support and comfort during difficult times.

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used social media apps in the world, does have a candle emoji available for users to use. The candle emoji is found in the “Symbols” section of WhatsApp’s emoji library. It looks like a white wax candle with a flame on top and can be used to express sorrow, sympathy, or solidarity.

The candle emoji on WhatsApp is not only useful for sending support in difficult times but also for celebrating special occasions. For example, many people use it on birthdays or anniversaries as a sign of celebration and joy.

In addition to using it in messages, users can also add the candle emoji to their WhatsApp profile picture or status updates. This is another way for users to show their support for different causes or simply express their emotions.


Yes, WhatsApp does have a candle emoji available for its users. The candle emoji can be used for expressing sorrow, sympathy, joy or solidarity with any cause or event. It can also be added to profile pictures and status updates as another way of showing support and emotion.