How Can I Change WhatsApp Theme?

The ability to change your WhatsApp theme has been around for a while now. It allows you to customize your experience, making it more unique and personalised.

Whether it’s changing the color palette, font, or background image, you can make your WhatsApp look however you want. Changing the theme of your WhatsApp is quite simple and doesn’t require any special coding knowledge.

The first step in changing your WhatsApp theme is to open the app and go to “Settings”. This can be found by clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Once there, click on “Chats” and then select “Theme”. You will then be able to choose from several different themes that are available.

You can also opt to create a custom theme if none of the pre-made themes suit you. To do this, select “Create New Theme” at the bottom of the list of themes.

You will then be able to customize each aspect of your theme – from colors and fonts to background images. Once you have finished creating your own custom theme, click “Save” at the top right corner.

It is also possible to use third-party apps to further personalise your WhatsApp experience by allowing you to download new themes or create them yourself. These apps will usually require access to certain permissions on your device before they can work but are generally considered safe and secure.

WhatsApp allows everyone from beginners to experienced users a chance to personalise their experience with ease. Whether it’s through pre-made themes or creating a custom one, it’s easy for anyone with an Android or iOS device to make their WhatsApp look however they like.


Changing your WhatsApp theme is an easy way for users to personalise their experience and add a touch of individuality without having any coding knowledge or using third-party apps. With just a few clicks, anyone with an Android or iOS device can make their WhatsApp look however they like in no time at all.