How Can I Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Without Backup?

Accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages can be a real nuisance, especially if they are important conversations you need to refer back to or have been shared with important contacts. Fortunately, messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp can be recovered without the need of a backup. All you need to do is follow some simple steps and you can retrace your chats as if nothing ever happened!

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes on the computer. Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your system; otherwise, it could cause issues while recovering the data.

Step 2: Select your device from the list of devices in iTunes and click “Back Up Now.” Wait for a few minutes for the process to finish.

Step 3: After completion, open iExplorer and connect your device to it. Once connected, click on “Data” from the left-hand side menu and then select “WhatsApp.” You will find all the deleted conversations here which you can recover.

Step 4: Select any conversation that you wish to recover and click on “Recover” at the top right corner. You will be prompted to select a folder where you want to save them; select any folder of choice and click “OK.” Wait for a few minutes while iExplorer recovers all the lost conversations in HTML format.

Conclusion: Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages without backup is possible with proper guidance and tools like iExplorer. All it takes is following some simple steps as discussed above, which even a novice user can do easily without any assistance.