How Can I See My Spotify Stats?

Spotify offers its users a dedicated feature to view their listening stats. You can find the real-time stats for each track you’ve been playing, and the total time you’ve spent listening to music on Spotify. It’s easy to get an overview of your listening habits and analyze which artists, genres, and playlists you prefer.

To view your stats on Spotify, open the app and tap on the Home tab. At the bottom of the screen, there should be a “Stats” button.

Tap it to access your stats page. On this page, you can see your top artists, tracks, and genres that you’ve been streaming over the past few weeks.

You can also see statistics about how many hours per day you listen to music on Spotify. This graph provides an overall look at your music-listening habits over time. It will tell you when you listened to certain songs or artists most often.

Additionally, if you want to get an even deeper look at your music-listening habits, Spotify has a more detailed “Activity” page that shows exactly what songs and albums have been played in chronological order. You can also review which devices were used for playback.

Spotify also has a feature called “Your Year in Music” that shows your most popular songs of the year at a glance. It will also show which countries and cities around the world have heard your taste in music.

Overall, viewing your Spotify stats is a great way to get an insight into your own musical preferences and habits. Knowing what kind of music you like to listen to helps you discover new artists and genres that may be of interest.


By accessing Stats or Activity pages on Spotify app, users can easily view their streaming stats from top artists, tracks, genres as well as specific songs played in chronological order along with devices used for playback. Users can also use “Your Year in Music” feature for a summary of their favorite songs from the year.