How Can I Send 150 MB Video on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging application that allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, and audio recordings with friends and family. It is used by millions of people around the world and is a great way to stay connected. One of the great features of WhatsApp is its ability to send large files such as videos.

However, there is a limit to the size of file that can be sent at once. That limit currently stands at 16MB for videos. So if you have a video that is larger than this size, you may be wondering how you can send it via WhatsApp.

The most common way to send a video larger than 16MB on WhatsApp is to compress it. This means reducing the size of the file without losing too much quality in the process.

There are many different tools available for compressing video files, such as Handbrake or FFmpeg. By using one of these programs, you should be able to reduce your video’s size enough so that it can be sent via WhatsApp.

Another option for sending large videos on WhatsApp is by using third-party applications such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. These applications allow you to upload your video and then provide you with a link that can be shared with other users via WhatsApp. The recipient can then download the file from the link you provided them.

Finally, another option for sending large files on WhatsApp is by using cloud storage services such as Google Drive or iCloud Drive. By uploading your large file onto one of these services and then sharing it through WhatsApp, your recipients will be able to download it directly from the cloud storage service.

Conclusion: Sending a 150 MB video on Whatsapp can easily be done by compressing the video file before sending or by using third-party applications like WeTransfer or Dropbox or even cloud storage services like Google Drive or iCloud Drive. Compressing will help reduce its size while third-party applications and cloud storage will help maintain its quality when transferring it from one device to another device through Whatsapp!