How Can I Send a Message to 10000 Contacts on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with your contacts, especially when you have a large network of contacts. But what if you want to send a message to 10,000 contacts on WhatsApp? Sending messages to that many people can be daunting, but it is possible.

The first step is to create a list of all the contacts you want to send the message to. This can be done by manually adding each contact one by one or creating an Excel spreadsheet with the contact’s name and phone number.

Once you have a list of all your contacts, you can then create a group chat on WhatsApp. You can add people from the list one by one or import the entire list at once.

Once the group chat is created, you can then compose a message and send it out to all 10,000 contacts. This will ensure that everyone receives your message and that it reaches them in time. It is also possible to attach images or videos along with your message if needed.

However, there are some limitations when sending messages to large numbers of people. WhatsApp has limits on how many people can be included in each group chat and how long each message can be. Additionally, depending on the size of your contact list, it may take some time for all messages to reach everyone.


Sending messages to 10,000 contacts on WhatsApp is possible but requires careful preparation and planning. You must create a contact list and then add all those contacts into a group chat before sending out your message.

There may be limits on how many people can be included in each group chat as well as how long each individual message can be. With patience and careful planning though, sending out messages to thousands of people using WhatsApp is achievable.