How Can I Trace a Fake WhatsApp Number?

Fake WhatsApp numbers are often used to scam people or to hide someone’s identity. It is difficult to trace a fake WhatsApp number since the application does not keep records of the numbers that are used. Additionally, the app does not offer any traceability features. However, there are a few steps that can be taken to try and trace a fake WhatsApp number.

Check for Public Records:

The first step in tracing a fake WhatsApp number is to check for public records. Many government agencies, such as the police and local court systems, keep records of phone numbers in their databases.

These records can be accessed by anyone with permission from the relevant authorities. By searching these databases, it may be possible to find out who is behind a particular number or if it has been used in any criminal activity.

Check Social Media Profiles:

Another way to try and trace a fake WhatsApp number is by checking social media profiles. Many people use their real phone numbers on their various profiles, so if the same number appears on multiple profiles, it could be a good indication that it is real. Additionally, searching for the person’s profile picture may also provide clues as to who they are or where they live.

Contact Network Provider:

If all else fails, you can try contacting your network provider and asking them for assistance in tracing the number. Network providers often have access to more detailed information than what is available publicly and they may be able to provide some useful information about who owns the phone and where it is located.


Tracing a fake WhatsApp number can be difficult due to its lack of traceability features. However, there are some steps that can be taken such as checking public records, social media profiles and contacting your network provider for assistance in tracing it.