How Can I Track WhatsApp Online for Free?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms among users all over the world. It allows them to communicate with their friends and family or in groups at any time. While WhatsApp is very secure, it can be difficult for parents, employers, and others to keep track of messages that are sent and received on the app.

However, tracking WhatsApp online for free is possible with certain services which offer an easy way to monitor WhatsApp activity. These services can be used by parents and employers to keep track of their children’s or employees’ activities on the app.

One such service is Spyic which offers a free trial and allows you to track WhatsApp online without any hassle. All you need to do is sign up for an account and add the person you want to monitor as a contact.

Then, you will be able to view all their chats, messages, photos, videos and other shared media files. You will also be able to access their location information as well as see if they are online or offline.

Another great service for tracking WhatsApp messages is mSpy which also offers a free trial period. This service allows you to access all the contacts of the person being monitored as well as view their sent and received messages with date/time stamps.

You can also view shared media files such as photos and videos in real-time. mSpy also provides additional features such as monitoring call logs, setting alerts for certain keywords or numbers, blocking certain apps or websites etc., all of which are very useful in keeping track of someone’s activities on WhatsApp.

Finally, TheTruthSpy is yet another popular service that lets you track WhatsApp without any difficulty. It enables users to access all conversations on the app including group chats with full date/time stamps along with other details such as sender’s name and profile picture etc. You will also be able to see shared media files like photos & videos along with location data and even get notifications when someone comes online or goes offline from the app.

Conclusion: Tracking WhatsApp online for free is possible using various services such as Spyic, mSpy & TheTruthSpy which offer features like monitoring chats & messages, accessing shared media files & locations etc., making it easier for parents & employers alike to keep track of someone’s activities on the app.