How Do I Add Pictures to a TikTok Video?

Adding pictures to a TikTok video is an easy way to add a more personal touch. Whether it’s photos of your family, friends, or favorite places, adding pictures can bring life to your videos and help engage with your audience. Here are some tips on how you can easily add pictures to your TikTok videos:

Using the Photo Library

The easiest way to add pictures to a TikTok video is through the Photo Library. All you need to do is click the “Photo Library” option when creating a video and select the photos you want to include.

This will allow you to instantly upload your photos into the video. Once uploaded, you can edit them further by adjusting their size and position in the frame.

Using Web Images

If you don’t have any photos saved on your device, you can still add images to your TikTok videos by using web images. Simply search for an image online that fits with your video’s theme and then copy its URL into the “Web Image” field when creating the video. This will allow you to quickly and easily find an image that fits perfectly with what you want to show.

Using Other Apps

If you don’t have any images saved or available online, then there are other apps you can use. For example, if you are looking for royalty-free stock images or graphics, then Unsplash is a great option. All of their images are free for commercial use so it makes it very easy for creators on TikTok who don’t want to worry about copyright issues.


Adding pictures to a TikTok video can be a great way to make them more visually appealing and engaging with viewers. With these tips, you now have all of the information necessary in order to easily add images into your own TikTok videos!