How Do I Add WhatsApp to WordPress?

Adding WhatsApp to WordPress is an excellent way for website owners to communicate with their visitors quickly and easily. The process is simple and can be done in a few steps. With WhatsApp, you can quickly answer messages, send files, and even make calls from your website.

The first step is to install the WhatsApp Chat plugin on your website. This plugin allows users to quickly connect with you via a chat window on your page.

It is easy to install and configure, allowing you to customize the chat window with your own colors and logo. Once installed, visitors will be able to see the chat window when they visit your page.

Once the plugin has been installed, you need to generate a “WhatsApp Link” for your website. This link will redirect users from your website directly into a WhatsApp conversation with you.

To generate the link, simply go to the “Settings” tab in the plugin and select “Generate Link”. This will create a unique URL that will take visitors directly into a conversation with you.

The next step is to add the WhatsApp Link to your WordPress site. To do this, simply paste it into any text or HTML field on your page. You can also add it as a button or link so visitors can click on it directly from the page.

Finally, make sure that all of the settings are configured correctly in order for everything to work properly. You can customize things such as language, messaging frequency, and more in order for visitors to have an optimal experience when using WhatsApp from your WordPress site.

Adding WhatsApp functionality to WordPress is an easy process that will allow people visiting your site quick access to important information about you or your business without leaving the comfort of their browser window. With just a few simple steps using plugins and links, you can have people chatting with you in no time at all!


Adding WhatsApp functionality to WordPress is an easy process that allows website owners to communicate quickly and easily with their visitors by installing a plugin, generating a unique link, and adding it onto their page as either text or HTML code. With just these few steps, website owners can have people chatting with them in no time at all!