How Do I Become a Delivery Partner With Amazon?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program is an opportunity to become a delivery partner with Amazon and earn money while doing so. The program allows you to utilize your own vehicle, resources and personnel to deliver packages for Amazon customers. As an Amazon Delivery Partner, you will be responsible for picking up packages from local fulfillment centers and delivering them to customers on time.

In order to become an Amazon Delivery Partner, one must first meet the eligibility requirements set forth by Amazon. This includes having a valid driver’s license, owning or leasing a vehicle capable of safely transporting packages, and having access to personnel that can help manage the delivery operations.

Additionally, you need to have a valid business license and liability insurance. Once these requirements have been met, you can apply for the program online.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, Amazon will provide you with the necessary equipment and resources needed to complete deliveries. This includes branded materials such as uniforms and vehicle wraps that allow customers to easily identify your delivery service. You will also receive training on how to use the software needed for deliveries as well as safety protocols.

As an Amazon Delivery Partner, you can choose between two payment options: direct deposit or prepaid card. Direct deposit is typically used for large-scale businesses while prepaid cards are more suitable for small-scale operations. Payments are based on the number of deliveries made each day and may be subject to taxes.

By becoming an Amazon Delivery Partner, you can take advantage of this lucrative business opportunity while also providing customers with fast and efficient delivery services. With the right preparation and planning, it is possible to generate a steady stream of income through this program.


Becoming an Amazon Delivery Partner allows one to take advantage of a great business opportunity while providing customers with fast delivery services at the same time. In order to join the program, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements such as having access to personnel that can help manage deliveries and owning or leasing a suitable vehicle for package transport.

Once accepted into the program, applicants will receive training on how to use necessary software as well as branded materials in order for their service to be easily identified by customers. Finally, payments are based on number of deliveries made each day which can potentially generate significant income if done properly.