How Do I Get Free Books From Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world and it offers a wide variety of books for purchase. However, there are also ways to get free books from Amazon. Here are some tips on how to get free books from Amazon.

1. Take Advantage of Kindle Unlimited

One of the easiest ways to get free books from Amazon is to sign up for Kindle Unlimited.

This service offers access to a library of over one million titles, including eBooks and audiobooks. You can borrow up to 10 books at a time and read them on any compatible device, including your Kindle reader or tablet. The cost is $9.99 per month, but you can cancel at any time.

2. Join Amazon Prime

Another great option is to join Amazon Prime, which gives you access to thousands of titles in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

This library includes both current and classic bestsellers, as well as other genres like romance, sci-fi, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to other benefits like free two-day shipping and streaming videos.

3. Utilize Free Book Promotions

Amazon frequently offers free book promotions through their website or emails they send out.

These promotions usually require you to opt-in or sign up for something in order to get the book for free. Keep an eye out for these offers so that you can take advantage of them when they become available.

4. Look For Special Deals

Amazon also often has special deals where authors offer their books for free for a limited period of time (usually around five days).

To find these deals, look on the Kindle Store page or search “free” in the search bar (make sure it’s not set to “paid only”). You can also follow authors on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook as they often post about upcoming free book promotions.

With these tips, you should be able to find plenty of ways to get free books from Amazon! Whether you choose a subscription plan like Kindle Unlimited or take advantage of special deals and promotions, there are lots of options available that will help save you money while still providing access to great reading material.


Getting Free Books from Amazon is easy with a variety of methods available such as joining Kindle Unlimited or taking advantage of special deals and promotions offered by authors and publishers through the website or social media sites.