How Do I Get My Original Sound Back on TikTok?

It can be extremely frustrating when you have created a TikTok video and uploaded it, only to find out that it doesn’t sound the same as when you recorded it. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite often on TikTok. The platform has certain restrictions and algorithms in place that can lead to changes in the audio of your videos when they are uploaded.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to get your original sound back on TikTok.

First, make sure that you are using the highest quality audio recording possible. Avoid using compressed audio files like MP3s and opt for higher quality formats like WAV or AIFF. This will help ensure that your audio remains intact when it is uploaded to the platform.

Second, make sure you are using good quality microphones when recording your audio. Low-quality microphones can also lead to distortions or other changes in the final sound of your video. Investing in a good quality microphone can go a long way towards ensuring that your audio sounds as good as possible.

Third, pay attention to TikTok’s compression settings before uploading a video. You’ll want to make sure that these settings aren’t compressing your audio too much, as this could lead to further changes in the sound of your video.

Finally, consider using an external audio editor. If all else fails and you still feel like your original sound isn’t coming through on TikTok, try using an external editor such as Audacity or Adobe Audition to adjust levels and make other minor adjustments before uploading.

By following these steps, you should be able to get your original sound back on TikTok and have a great sounding video!


Getting back your original sound on TikTok isn’t always easy but with the right tools and knowledge it is possible. Make sure you use high-quality recording equipment and compressions settings while avoiding MP3s when possible. If all else fails consider trying an external editor like Audacity or Adobe Audition for further adjustments before uploading.