How Do I Get My WhatsApp URL?

WhatsApp is an increasingly popular messaging platform, and for many people, it is their main form of communication. For businesses, WhatsApp can be an invaluable tool for customer service and marketing. However, if you want to make the most out of WhatsApp, you need to get your own personalized WhatsApp URL.

A WhatsApp URL is a unique address that allows people to directly access and join your group chat or contact you via WhatsApp. It’s a great way to make it easy for customers or potential customers to reach out to you. It can also be useful for marketing campaigns and sharing news with followers.

Step 1: The first step is to get a verified business profile on the WhatsApp Business App. This requires you to create a business profile with all necessary information (name, address, phone number etc.). Once verified by WhatsApp, you will have access to the tools needed to create your personalized URL.

Step 2: Once your profile has been verified, you will need to open up the “Settings” in the app and select “Share Link” from the menu. This will generate a link that anyone can use to join your group chat or contact you via WhatsApp.

Step 3: You can now customize your link by adding a personalized name or phrase in the “Name Your Link” field. Make sure that this phrase is easy for people to remember so they can easily find it when they need it. You should also include any relevant keywords that are related to what your business does so that people searching online can find it more easily.

Step 4: After customizing your link, click “Save Changes” and then share it wherever necessary – on social media platforms, websites and other places where people may find it useful.

Getting a personalized URL for WhatsApp is an essential step if you want to make full use of its capabilities as a communication platform and marketing tool. With just four simple steps outlined above, you can quickly get your own unique URL and start using it right away!


Getting a personalized URL for WhatsApp is not difficult – simply follow the four steps outlined above and you’ll have your own unique address in no time! With this URL, businesses will be able to easily reach out to customers or potential customers through the popular messaging platform.