How Do I Reduce the Size of a Video for WhatsApp?

Video sharing has become a popular way to communicate with friends and family. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and allows you to easily send videos to anyone in your contact list.

However, WhatsApp has a file size limit for videos, which means that if your video is too large, it won’t be able to send. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the size of a video for WhatsApp.

Compress the Video

The most straightforward way to reduce the size of a video for WhatsApp is to compress it. Compressing a video file means reducing its file size without significantly affecting its quality.

There are several software programs available that can be used to compress videos, such as Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter. You can also use online tools such as Clideo or Kapwing.

Reduce the Resolution

Another way to reduce the size of a video for WhatsApp is to reduce its resolution. The higher the resolution of a video, the larger its file size will be.

Reducing the resolution will make the video appear less sharp on devices with high-resolution displays, but it can still look good on smaller screens such as phones or tablets. You can use any of the previously mentioned software programs or online tools to reduce the resolution of your video.

Cut out Unnecessary Parts

If you want to further reduce the size of your video without sacrificing too much quality, cutting out unnecessary parts can help. This involves removing any parts that don’t contribute anything significant to the overall message or experience of your video, such as long pauses between sentences or redundant shots in a scene. This can be done using any basic editing software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.


These are some simple ways you can reduce the size of a video for WhatsApp without sacrificing too much quality. Compressing, reducing resolution and cutting out unnecessary parts are all effective methods that will help you get your videos under WhatsApp’s file size limit so that you can share them with others.