How Do I See My Only You on Spotify?

Spotify has become one of the leading music streaming services in the world and is regularly used by millions of people. It allows users to access a vast library of music, from popular artists to underground acts, and lets them create personalised playlists. One feature that many people enjoy is the ability to share their favourite music with others, which is why Spotify has become so popular.

If you want to show off your tastes in music, one way to do this is by creating an Only You playlist on Spotify. An Only You playlist is a personalised collection of songs that you have chosen, which can be shared with friends or the public. This allows you to show what kind of music you’re into, and can be a great way for people to discover new artists or genres that they may not have heard before.

Creating an Only You playlist on Spotify is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is open up the app, click on the ‘Your Library’ tab at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and then select ‘Playlists’ from the menu at the top. Once this is done, click on ‘Create Playlist’ in order to start building your own customised collection of tunes.

When creating your playlist, you can search for specific artists or songs and add them with just one tap. Alternatively, if you want some inspiration for what songs should be included in your Only You list then Spotify has some great pre-made playlists which can help get started with creating your own unique selection. Once you’re happy with what songs are included in your list then all that’s left to do is give it a name and share it with others.


Creating an Only You playlist on Spotify is a great way for users to express their taste in music and share it with their friends or the public. It’s easy and straightforward to create a playlist – all that needs to be done is open up the app, select ‘Playlists’, click on ‘Create Playlist’ and add songs from there. Once finished don’t forget to name it and share it out!