How Do I Send Someone a Spotify Gift Card?

Gifting someone a Spotify gift card can be an exciting way to show your appreciation for music and share with them the wonders of streaming. Spotify offers a variety of gift cards that you can purchase online or at select retailers, allowing you to customize the amount and type of card you give.

When purchasing online, you have two options: an e-voucher or an actual physical card. The e-voucher is sent directly to the recipient’s email address, where they can enter it into their account and get their subscription up and running.

The physical card option provides a printed card with a code on the back that can be redeemed on the Spotify website.

Before purchasing either option, it’s important to note that both require prior registration for the recipient to be able to redeem their gift. If they don’t already have an account, they will need to create one before being able to use the gift card.

If you decide to go with a physical card, these can often be found in large retail stores and electronics stores such as Best Buy and Target. They come in denominations ranging from $10-$100 USD, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes time to choose your gift amount.

How To Redeem A Gift Card

Once your recipient has created or logged into their account, they will need to redeem the gift code that was provided by entering it into their account settings. On desktop or laptop computers this is done by clicking “Redeem Code” under “Your Subscription” in the Account Settings page. For mobile devices, look for “Redeem Code” in the dropdown menu.


Sending someone a Spotify gift card is a great way to show your appreciation for music and give them access to one of world’s leading streaming services. Whether you choose an e-voucher or physical card, make sure that your recipient has registered for an account before sending them your gift so they can easily redeem it once received.