How Do I Turn on Dark Mode on WhatsApp?

Dark Mode is a great way to make your WhatsApp look different and more interesting. WhatsApp recently added a Dark Mode feature, which is a great way to reduce eye strain in low-light situations and to make it easier to read messages.

The Dark Mode feature can be turned on by going into Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark. You can also customize the colors of your chat background and bubbles by going into Settings > Chats > Wallpaper.

Once you’ve enabled the Dark Mode feature, you’ll be able to enjoy a darker version of the WhatsApp interface with darker colors for the chat bubbles, background, and text. The dark mode also makes it easier to read messages in low-light conditions such as at night or when using your device outdoors. The dark mode will also save some battery life as it uses less energy than other themes.

In addition to enabling the Dark Mode feature, you can also customize the font size in WhatsApp. To do so, simply go into Settings > Chats > Font Size and choose one of three options: small, medium or large. You can also choose whether or not to use bold font by going into Settings > Chats > Font Style and selecting either Bold or Normal.

To summarize, enabling Dark Mode on WhatsApp is easy and provides several benefits such as reducing eye strain in low-light conditions and saving battery life. You can customize the font size, font style, and even change the color of your chat bubbles and background wallpaper in order to make your experience with WhatsApp even more enjoyable!

Conclusion: Turning on Dark Mode on WhatsApp is easy; simply go into Settings > Chats > Theme and select Dark from the options available. This will enable a darker version of the interface which reduces eye strain in low-light conditions, saves some battery life, and allows for customization of fonts and colors for an even better user experience!