How Do I Watch Live Football on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a great way to watch live football online. With its subscription package, you can watch live Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup and La Liga matches. You can also watch some of the biggest international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

To watch live football on Amazon Prime, you must first sign up for an Amazon Prime account. This can be done through the Amazon website or through the Amazon app. Once you have signed up, you will be able to access a range of live and on-demand content including live football matches.

Once you are signed up for an Amazon Prime account, you will need to log into the Amazon Prime Video app. This is available on Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV devices.

You will then be able to search for and select your desired live football match or tournament. Once you have made your selection, simply click ‘Watch Now’ to start streaming the match.

In addition to streaming matches on-demand on Amazon Prime Video, there are also options for streaming matches live. On selected days, certain Premier League and EFL Cup matches are shown on the service via its ‘Live Events’ feature. These events are usually shown with a slight delay in comparison to other streaming services.


Watching live football on Amazon Prime is easy and convenient. All you need is an Amazon Prime account and access to the Amazon Video app in order to stream matches both on-demand and live. With its huge selection of leagues and tournaments, it’s a great way to keep up with all the action from around the world.