How Do You Find the Song You Want on TikTok?

TikTok is an amazing platform for creative expression. It allows users to upload videos of themselves singing, dancing, and lip syncing to their favorite songs.

While it’s easy to make a TikTok video, it can be difficult to find the exact song you want. Here are some tips on how to find the song you want on TikTok.

Search for the Song Title
The most direct way to find a specific song on TikTok is by searching for its title. Simply type the title of the song into the search bar and see what comes up. You may have to scroll through a few different results before you find the exact version you’re looking for, but this is often the easiest way to find it quickly.

Search for an Artist
If you know who performs the song, you can also search for that artist directly on TikTok. This will bring up all of their content, including any music videos or covers they’ve released over time. From there, you can easily browse through their songs and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse Through Popular Music
TikTok also has a section dedicated to popular music that users are listening to right now. These songs are usually trending across different platforms and genres, so they should be easy to find even if you don’t know the exact name or artist of what you’re looking for. Simply scroll through until something catches your eye!


Finding the perfect song on TikTok doesn’t have to be difficult. By searching for its title or artist, browsing through popular music, or even just scrolling through results until something catches your eye, users can quickly and easily find exactly what they’re looking for. With these tips in mind, anyone can quickly and easily find their perfect song on TikTok!