How Do You Know if Someone Has Archived You on WhatsApp?

Most conversations on WhatsApp are completely private, and it’s up to the users to decide whether they want to keep the conversation going or not. However, there are times when one person might feel the need to ‘archive’ their conversation with another person. Archiving a conversation on WhatsApp means that it is no longer visible in the main chat list and is instead tucked away in the ‘Archived Chats’ folder.

What Happens When You Archive Someone on WhatsApp?
When you archive someone on WhatsApp, all of your messages will still be visible in the chat history but will not be seen in the main chat list. You can still see their profile picture and status updates, but you won’t receive any notifications when they message you or when they change their status. The archived conversation won’t appear until you manually search for it or until that person sends you a message again.

Can Someone See If They Are Archived?
No, unfortunately not. There is no way for someone to tell if they have been archived by someone else. However, if they aren’t receiving any notifications from you and don’t see your messages in their main chat list then there is a chance that you have archived them.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Archived You On WhatsApp?
The only way to know if someone has archived you on WhatsApp is to look for the conversation in your main chat list. If it isn’t there then there is a chance that you have been archived by them. Additionally, if you haven’t received notifications from them or seen their profile picture or status updates recently then this could also be an indication that they have archived your conversation.

Conclusion: In conclusion, knowing if someone has archived you on WhatsApp can be tricky as there is no direct way of finding out. The only way of knowing for certain is by looking for the conversation in your main chat list and/or by looking out for notifications from them as well as their profile picture and status updates.