How Does Spotify Duo Work?

Spotify Duo is a subscription service from Spotify that offers a unique way to share music with two people—whether it’s two friends, two family members, or two romantic partners. It’s the perfect way for two people to keep up with one another’s music tastes and share their love of music.

The first step in getting started with Spotify Duo is signing up for the service. You’ll need to have both of your Spotify accounts linked in order to make the most out of the service. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see all of the songs and albums that both you and your partner have saved on your respective accounts.

Spotify Duo gives you access to a shared library full of music from both users’ accounts. This means that if one user adds a song or album, it will show up on both users’ profiles. You can also add songs and albums directly into your shared library without having to switch back and forth between accounts.

You can also take advantage of Duo Mixes, which are special playlists created by Spotify using songs from both users’ libraries. These mixers are tailored specifically for each user based on their listening habits and preferences. This allows each user to discover new songs they may not have heard before.

Finally, Spotify Duo includes a feature called Group Session which allows up to four people to listen together at once. Each person can control their own volume and skip tracks so everyone can hear what they want without having to compromise.


Spotify Duo is an excellent way for two people to stay connected through music. With access to each other’s libraries, Duo Mixes tailored specifically for each user, and Group Session for up to four people at once, it’s an easy way for any pair of friends or family members to share their love of music and discover something new together.