How Does Spotify Verify if You’re a Student?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, with millions of users around the world. Recently, they have introduced a student plan that gives students access to Spotify Premium at a discounted rate. But how does Spotify verify if you’re actually a student?

Verifying Your Student Status

Spotify verifies your student status by using third-party providers. Currently, they are using UNiDAYS and SheerID for this purpose.

To verify your student status, you must provide them with information such as your school name, degree program, and expected graduation date. Once they have verified this information, you will be able to access the student plan.

Additional Verification Methods

In some cases, Spotify may also require additional verification methods such as providing proof of enrollment or showing a valid student ID card. This is done to ensure that only those who are genuinely students can access the student plan.

Benefits of Verifying Your Student Status on Spotify

Verifying your student status on Spotify has numerous benefits including discounts on subscriptions and access to exclusive content not available for other users. Additionally, it allows students to enjoy their favorite music without any interruptions or advertisements.

In conclusion, verifying your student status on Spotify is an easy process and provides numerous benefits such as discounts and access to exclusive content. It is done by using third-party providers such as UNiDAYS and SheerID which requires you to provide information such as your school name, degree program and expected graduation date in order to verify your identity. In some cases additional verification methods may be required such as providing proof of enrollment or showing a valid ID card.