How Many Amazon Fresh Locations Are There?

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery and pickup service that was launched in 2007 by Amazon. It provides customers with access to fresh groceries, such as produce, dairy, meat, and other items that can be delivered directly to their doorstep.

The service has been available in the United States since 2017 and has since expanded to other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

Amazon Fresh has made it easier for customers to get their groceries without having to leave their homes or wait in long lines at the store. Customers can shop online for their groceries and then have them delivered either same-day or next-day depending on their location.

They can also choose to pick up their orders from designated Amazon Fresh Pickup locations.

The number of Amazon Fresh locations varies by country. In the United States alone there are over 2,500 Amazon Fresh locations available in 45 states across the country.

Each location offers a variety of fresh groceries including produce, dairy products, deli items, seafood and more. Customers can also find items from local stores such as Whole Foods Market at select locations.

In addition to the traditional Amazon Fresh locations in the U.S., there are also over 700 Amazon Go Grocery stores located across 33 states which offer same-day pickup service for online orders placed through Amazon’s website or app. These stores offer a range of products including pre-made meals and meal kits as well as everyday essentials like breads and snacks.

Amazon Fresh has made grocery shopping more convenient than ever before with its wide selection of fresh groceries available for delivery or pickup at over 3200 locations across the United States. With its easy ordering process and same-day delivery option, customers can get all of their grocery needs taken care of quickly and easily.


In conclusion, there are currently over 3200 Amazon Fresh locations available across 45 states in the United States offering customers a variety of fresh groceries for delivery or pickup services. In addition to these traditional locations there are also 700 Amazon Go Grocery stores located across 33 states providing same-day pickup services for online orders placed through Amazon’s website or app.